Code Review, Consultancy and Training Service

Do you feel your code is still imperative? Is your code hard to compose and you struggle adding new functionality? Do you often suffer from runtime errors and bugs? These problems can be helped if you start using the functional approach and architectures.

If you feel the need to make your code more functional but don't know where to start, FunctorTech can help you with our Code Review Service! Depending on the needs of your company, here is what you can get:

  • Review of your particular problem and source code. You will learn which parts of your code ask for improvement (in the sense that they may cause problems, either in the form of composability issues, runtime bugs, performance problems or other form).
  • Consultation on what solutions may work for you.
  • Personalized training course, designed and developed specifically for you, specifically with your problem in mind. It can be delivered either online or on site, in your offices. Such a hands-on course will essentially solve your problems in code while also providing a commentary of why the particular solution was used and how it works. We will ensure that by the end of the course, your team will have a complete understanding of the causes of its problems and the solutions to them. This will add to the skill of the team and ensure the successful handling not only of the particular problem you face, but also the entire family of the similar problems you might encounter in future.
  • Software Development: another option is that the FunctorTech team will work on the problem for you.

We will do the first review for your company at the nominal price of only 49 EUR! If this sounds good to you, shoot us a line at this e-mail:, or contact Anatolii via PM.